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Franklin First FCU is proud to offer innovative Kasasa rewards checking accounts, including Kasasa Cash, Kasasa CashBack and Kasasa Saver!

FAQ: What is a Kasasa Cash® checking account?

You don’t already have to be wealthy to put your money to work for you. Kasasa Cash checking accounts start earning you high interest rates right away, no matter how much money you have in your account. Even with no minimum balance required, you can start earning the kinds of interest rates more common to CDs than your typical checking account. All of Kasasa’s high interest accounts are designed to benefit our members.

Here’s how Kasasa accounts work

By performing certain actions valuable to your bank or credit union, like using your debit card or online banking, your institution makes more money, which they share with you in the form of rewards.

By offering Kasasa Cash accounts, Franklin Fiest FCU doesn’t just commit to keeping your checking accounts free, but we also insist on giving back to all account holders through high interest rates and other rewards.

Kasasa Cash account holders benefit from:

  • Interest rates way above the national average
  • Refunds on ATMs nationwide
  • Free online banking
  • Freedom from arbitrary restrictions like recurring monthly service fees and a required minimum balance to earn interest

Kasasa Cash is a free account for a good reason. Your business is valuable to whatever financial institution you choose, big or small. Some financial institutions insist on saddling you with unnecessary charges and fees. However, Franklin First FCU is committed to keeping the basics free to show our appreciation.

Even if you don’t meet the account’s qualifications one month, your account remains free and will even earn a base rate of interest. You aren’t penalized and can go back to earning your full rewards the following month.

Since Kasasa Cash saves you money by ditching silly fees for basic services like online banking and ATM use, or monthly “service” fees just for having an account, you end up with more money in your account each month. That extra money will then earn even more through the account’s high interest rates. Which means more access to doing and buying the things you love.

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